Bahamas Surprise by William Valentine

Bahamas Surprise by William Valentine

Bahamas Surprise by William Valentine

Bahamas surprise takes Place since the United States eventually climbs from the fantastic Recession of 2008. The planet has recovered its abundance, but there are constantly storm clouds of a single Type or another since the world forces reposition themselves. Seth Stone along with the "Geezers" dive to get a pirate's treasure at a Hole on Great Abaco Isle and chase big marlin from the Spring of 2015. Seth promised that his son, Jeb, who runs Stone's Boatworks because Seth's retirement, that He'll let The police right any wrongs he perceives. The Geezers are appreciating The snorkeling, fishing, along with their friends' business from the beautiful Bahamas when

Editorial Review

From the Author

Composing"Bahamas Surprise" was a trip down memory lane. Florida and South Carolina buddies made from the Abacos were remembered, and older Bahamian acquaintances and friends were recalled. Favorite haunts were revisited and distant islands such as Mayaguana came into mind. Your writer spent years fishing the spring up from the Abacos and reduced Bahamas together with friends and loved ones. My spouse and I've caught and released lots of marlin with only the two people aboard our Hatteras.
After Bahamas Surprise was halfway written, Hurricane Dorian drifted throughout the Abacos wreaking devastation in 2019. American citizens shipped unsolicited boatloads of emergency supplies into the islands in need. I ended the book as fast as possible so that my readers could recall the pristine reefs and water, fantastic fishing, quaint architecture, and friendly individuals there. Knowing the durability, the strength of character, and fortitude of these Abaconians, I'm confident that their lovely and orderly piece of heaven will be immediately revived. I implore America and the rest of the planet to reevaluate Abaco shortly, together with undamaged Nassau, Exuma, as well as the southern shores.
Bahamas Surprise is the fifth publication in a series. Seth Stone and his Florida friends, who call themselves"The Geezers", search for pleasure and adventure in exotic locations.But that the Geezers do not like to get homered by the local ne'er-do-wells, grifters, and thugs. This publication automatically frees them to a worldwide stage.

From the Back Cover

"A look behind the stiff upper lip British facade since Nassau and Freeport become the significant population centers of the Bahamas. Significant city issues threaten this tranquil tropical paradise.But longtime residents push against the criminal area and incompetent politicians to safeguard their livelihoods and their distinctive island paradise. You can not imagine the end!
Capt.Tommy Tucker
The hits just keep on coming along with the fish keep biting. Valentine's multi-plotted intrigue will keep you and Seth imagining until it is finished. The idyllic Bahamas setting enables some genuinely terrible actors to hide in plain sight. The finale will out you!" You can check the price of The Bahamas Surprise.


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